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Validated temperature controlled packaging solutions for todays global marketplace


Inbox Solutions  is an Australian company based in Sydney specializing in a comprehensive range of thermally insulated packaging systems for your temperature controlled shipping requirements. With the emergence of globalization, the pharmaceutical industry is challenged with effectively transporting therapeutics under strict temperature controls and within the time constraints of the pharmaceutical product requirements. Domestically and internationally, temperature and time sensitive items such as insulin, medical samples, vaccines, and blood need specific and certifiable safe packaging solutions.
Inbox Solutions proudly represent the internationally recognized Inmark range  and Thermal shipping solutions as well as providing our own customized products and systems. From small Insulated Envelopes and pouches through to Ambient, Frozen and Large Pallet systems.                                       INBOX Solutions has a solution for your requirements.

Our wide range of Temperature Controlled Packaging services and solutions includes:
  • Temperature Controlled Validated Systems
  • Life Science Packaging
  • General Packaging
  • Self-Inflating Thermally Insulated Envelopes (Kangaroo Mailers)
  • Hazardous Material Packaging
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Moulds
  • Pre-Qualified Cold Chain Packaging and many more.

Have a look at our Self-Inflating Thermally Insulated Envelopes - Kangaroo Mailers.